November 28th - December 1st, 2018

1st International Eurasian Congress of Social Pediatrics

Dedeman Bostancı Hotel & Convention Center

Prof.Gülbin Gökçay, MD, PhD

Society for Social Pediatrics, Turkey

Gülbin Gökçay is Professor of Pediatrics and Child  Health and Doctoral Programme  lead for Social Pediatrics at the Institute of Child Health of Istanbul University. Professor Gülbin Gökçay is a consultant paediatrician in child health surveillance  working from Istanbul University Istanbul Medical School Hospital Well Child Unit. She has a background in medical education, epidemiology and preventive child health services.

Gülbin Gökçay  qualified in medicine  from Istanbul University Istanbul Medical School in 1982. Her pediatric training post was at the Institute of Child Health Istanbul University. After obtaining an MSc in Community Pediatrics from the Institute of Child Health in London, she moved to the Institute of Child Health of Istanbul University. She carried out teaching  into the national breastfeeding and immunisation  programmes. She was  on the national advisory committee of immunisation. She worked on breastfeeding counselling projects  at UNICEF and WHO. Her research interests include breastfeeding, immunisation, growth monitoring,  nutrition, and child health surveillance. Prof. Gülbin Gökçay authored a book “Child Health and Care for the First Two Years of Life” for families.  She coauthored the textbook on Child  Nutrition in Turkish. She is on the National Certification Commission for Poliomyelitis Eradication.

Prof. Gökçay was one of the presidents of the European Society for Social Pediatrics. Prof. Gülbin Gökçay is the president of the Society for Social Pediatrics in Turkey. She was one of the editors and writers of the first Turkish textbook on Child Health Surveillance  for the First 5 Years of Life constructed by the members of the  Turkish Society for Social Pediatrics.