November 28th - December 1st, 2018

1st International Eurasian Congress of Social Pediatrics

Dedeman Bostancı Hotel & Convention Center

Sleep Course

Early Childhood Sleep Problems

Sleep Course : Early childhood sleep problems 

This course consists of three lectures covering the normal physiology of sleep in early childhood, parasomnias, OSA, behavioral sleep problems, as well as responsive, cued care sleep interventions. 


  • Discuss normal physiology of sleep during early childhood
  • Discuss evaluation of early childhood behavioral sleep problems
  • Discuss cued care (non ignoring) sleep interventions
  • Apply responsive sleep interventions to participants’ own research and practice
  • Sarah Blunden’s GeMSS responsive method

The course welcomes pediatricians, family physicians, psychiatrists, physicians, psychologists, and family therapists.

Registration for the second part of the course (Sunday half-day course) requires attendance to the Wednesday early childhood sleep problems course (Step 1), to Sarah Blunden’s talk (Infant sleep interventions: To cry or not to cry) on the first day of the congress (registration to the congress is required), as well as to the Sunday half-day course. The Sunday half-day course will be held at the congress hotel. This half-day course includes  more  practical applications of the interventions. The manuals will be made available when people register for the complete training so the participants can read them before the sessions. The certificates will be available when the participants completed all three steps including some minor in session assessments.   Those who attend to the Wednesday course will also get an attendance certificate, however those who attend to all three steps, will get a specific certificate for Sarah Blunden’s GeMSS responsive method. The certificate shows that the attendee has completed enough training to be able to utilize the GeMSS responsive methods in their own practice and they will be listed as a registered trained GeMSS practitioner.